Ballad of a 1-eyed Midget Man

Listen to Ballad Of A One Eyed Midget Man by Tropicana Slim #np on #SoundCloud

Mr Bob Dylan you just keep on performing
Like a monkey on a chain you’re perverse and deforming
You talked to Lou Reed cos your songs have been transforming
All your tunes are unknown
Somethings happening here and we know what it is
Do you, Bob Zimmerman?

Well Bob I’m here to tell you changing tunes is the worst
If you must change something, write a new verse
One more time with feeling, before they carry you off in a hearse
Leave those melodies alone
And there’s a man here can make the new words frank and sick
Weird Al, Jankovic

I went to the hit factory looking for a nine
You were the foreman and you played Frankenstein
I took out my technology cos I’m a pilgrim of modern times
I shut you out with earphones
Here’s the answer to the question – “How does Mick feel?”
Like a, rolling stone.

You’re nothin’ but a blind joker with an unjustifiable lurk
People are cogs in a wheel – they don’t have your perks
They go on with dignity and pride and they call it work
Woody would call you a bum
There’s something happening here and we know what it is
Don’t you, lazy bones?


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